Salt scrubs are body exfoliators and necessary in maintaining a healthy glowing skin. The salt buffs away dead skin cells and has antiseptic properties which reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. The scrub is also a great option for bath soaks, foot soaks as it detoxifies and relaxes your body. Don’t use salt on your face.


Vanilla – The creamy warm richness of vanilla blended with the soft romantic fragrance of the rose. Bringing out deep emotions of warmth, comfort, beauty and being safe.

Rose – Romantic and beautiful tumbling masses of fragrant roses, in all different colours and sizes, greet you as you stroll along the winding paths of an Old English rose garden. The graceful paths are covered in soft rose petals. The magnificent perfume calms your thoughts, you feel romantic and graceful.


Pink Himalayan salt, coconut oil, essential oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil.