Waffle Bath Bomb

Waffle Bath Bomb


Are you ‘Saver’ or an ‘indulger’? No judgements here, its not everyday you get to bath with a waffle. Place a piece of the waffle or the whole bath bomb in your bath and relax.


Candyfloss Jam – Remember going to the funfair? The ferris wheel, the loud music from the carousel, the game stalls and the food stalls. The beautiful pink cart in the corner making candy floss freshly spun on a stick. Remember tearing off and devouring the cotton strands as they disintegrate into nothing. Leaving a sweet taste in your mouth.


Lauryl glucoside, salt, citric acid, cornstarch, fragrance, colourant, baking soda, sodium Bicarbonate, coconut oil, shea butter.



Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients which bubble when wet. Essential oils, scent, color are added to them making them fun to put in the bath.

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Candyfloss Jam


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