Why not let that lady know that they are the ‘bomb’ with a bath/shower bomb! Imagine unwinding in the bath and enjoying scents of Candy floss and jam while your skin is being moisturized, or enjoying a nice hot shower with a Shower Bomb while feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Product included:

Bath Bomb (Candy-Floss Jam Scented)

  • T&C’s
    All boxes have a lead time of 3 days from payment
    All Boxes are VAT exclusive
    All Boxes Contain Shredded paper inside
    Bath bomb colours are unique and coloured in a unique order
    Personalised boxes are available on request
    Womens Day boxes are a collab between Baked Bean and French Lemon
    French Lemon and Baked Bean are not responsible for any Theft or breakages due to Courier or person.

Shower Steamer (Energising Aromas)