Bath bombs that will blow your mind

Bath bombs that will blow your mind

Source: IOL

I still shake my head and wonder how is it that I didn’t know about bath bombs. When I received a box of French Lemon products for review purposes, I looked with interest at the small package marked “shower steamer” and wondered what it was all about.


I tried the French Lemon steamer and showering is not the same if I am not using it. So to make bath time even more relaxing, which we all deserve during this torrid time, here are our favourites to try.

Donut Bath Bombs by French Lemon

These candyfloss jam-scented Donut Bath Bombs will take you back to an easier time of fun fairs and festivals. Made with essential oils and baking soda.


Deluxe Shower Steamers by Body Craft

This mint-flavoured steamer is the perfect zesty fragrance to start your morning, it will also help to relieve sinus congestion, soothe nausea, elevate your mood and awaken your mind.

Scarlet Hill Bath Bomb by Mr Price

Whether you’re channelling your inner mermaid or just chilling out, the choice is all yours.

Sleepy Shower Bomb by Lush Cosmetics

Enjoy the sensation of fine oatmeal on the body, as it gently buffs and soothes your skin, easing you into a restful sleep.