I Tried the starter Pack !

I Tried the starter Pack !

The French Lemon – a company that just gets it. We’re all aware of the detrimental state of our environment, and with that comes finding earth friendly, sustainable ways of doing our every day activities. That’s where The French Lemon team and their products come in to the

Their products are UNBELIEVABLE. Why? Because they smell incredible and are kind to not only your skin, but the environment too – talk about a triple threat. My favourites so far have been the salt/sugar scrubs, shampoo bar and their signature soaps. I call this trio “The

Switching from the products you’ve tried and tested time and time again can be a terrifying life choice, am I right? Okay, but here’s the thing – those commercial products are A. full of chemicals that are NOT kind to your skin and B. made and packaged in a way that harms the environment.

I, myself, have incredibly sensitive skin that reacts to most commercial bath and beauty products. Which is why I’ve never really been someone who has ALL of the products displayed in her shower. However, since The French Lemon sent me my first little goodie bag,
I cannot get enough. I am OBSESSED. I can see and feel the difference in my skin, I smell good all day, I haven’t experienced the random breakouts I previously did and I don’t as feel guilty about the impact my shampoo bottle has on the environment.

Now, my shampoo bars and soaps come beautifully wrapped in small sheets of wax paper, my body scrub comes in a small glass container and every product is handmade, vegan friendly (NOT tested on animals), sulphate free and palm-oil free – what an absolute win.

Love your Products !

Lara Jo Gear