The French Lemon Way

The French Lemon Way

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with my skin. Unfortunately, I react to most chemicals used in your main-stream products. However, it’s not just a “me thing”. Although your skin may not show it as severely and obviously as mine does, using commercial products that use chemicals such as SLS can be harmful to your skin. It’s been a long time of trial and error for me personally, and maybe this little blogpost will help rein in and narrow your search.

I started using The French Lemon products close to a year ago, and I haven’t looked back. My skin loves their products so much, that I go as far as to use their Shampoo Bar as a facial cleanser too. Why? Because I know EXACTLY what it’s made of. No foreign or harmful chemicals, no wondering why I suddenly have 3 spots, red patches and a small mountain growing in the middle of my forehead.

There are a few reasons as to why their products work for me and my skin:

  1. No SLS (a sulphate-based surfactant). Instead, they use Lauryl Glucoside which is a plant- based surfactant that still gives off that foamy feeling, without causing any harm to your skin.
  1. They use products that benefit and moisturize your skin.
  1. I understand what the ingredients label says on every single one of their products – none of this “ I clearly need a certificate in Chemicals for the Advanced to understand what’s in this bottle” kind of feeling. This is something that is somewhat underrated.
  1. The ingredients are all natural and environmentally friendly.

All in all, these are products that I KNOW I can trust and my skin will LOVE. Keep in mind, this is written from personal experience, and is there for my opinion and doesn’t necessarily mean it WILL work for you like it works for me… but I relate to and trust “personal ”. Cheers to letting your skin live its best life, the French Lemon way.