Why The French Lemon is Free From SLS

Why The French Lemon is Free From SLS

What Is SLS

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate  - most commonly known as SLS, is a harsh, cheap and nasty Synthetic ingredient added to products as a Foaming agent.  These products include, Soap, Liquid soap, shampoo, toothpaste, bubble bath, bath bombs and just about any product that foams. Many dermatologists’ frown upon this ingredient as it is linked to many skin irritations such as eczema, canker sores (from Toothpaste), Dandruff, hormonal imbalances, dermatitis and overall irritated skin.

Why it was created

SLS was actually formed as a pesticide & Herbicide, commonly used to kill invasive plants and insects. An application for SLS went out for approval as an organic pesticide for Organic Farmers, but was later rejected due to environmental damages it caused.  One of the findings was that the properties pollute the ground water making it toxic to aquatic animals. The manufacturing process of SLS releases toxic fumes called Toxic Oxides in the air when heated and emits cancer causing Volatile compounds as well as sulphur compounds.

Disadvantages of  SLS

-Not only is SLS environmentally destructive, it also disruptive to humans.

-Studies have shown that the long term affects of using SLS on the skin leads to Permeation of body tissue, eyes, brain, heart & liver.

-SLS is also a known eye irritant which causes cataracts in adults and inhibits proper eye formation in young children.

-What many people don’t know is that this chemical (SLS) contains palm oil in, something we are highly against.

-SLS is a penetration enhancer meaning the molecules are so small, its able to cross membranes of your body, promoting chemicals to enter through your body easily.

- SLS is a large cause of thrush.

- SLS dries out your skin instead of moisturizing it.

The Solution

We use a natural foaming agent which is made from Coconuts, making our products moisturizing, safe on even the most sensitive skin, high quality and longer lasting. Using a natural foaming agent for our bath bombs actually makes the bath bomb last longer, which makes the whole experience of our products a memorable one, while contributing your part to the environment.