Eco-friendly, Cruelty Free, Natural & Vegan

Everyone knows how kids and wives love to spoil their dad’s and father’s on Father’s day ! Mine was no different this year. As a standing rule I made pact with my tribe that under NO circumstance will I ever be gifted with sock and ties, and being a South African male… Biltong and Beer is a MUCH better substitute !

Well this year ! was not the case. I got gifted beauty products ! Imagine my dismay and disappointment that instead of a 4 pack of beautiful crafted craft beer and a big brown bag of biltong, I received a box ! At first I thought the biltong and beer was in the box… but alas i found an epsom salt soap, a tin with shaving soap, a tin with salt scrub, a shower steamer, a shampoo bar and a shaving brush ! and that was that ! Father’s day went as usual with a braai and family time.

A few days later I woke up one morning feeling not so fresh after a night of entertaining clients. As I walked into the bathroom is saw my Father’s day gift neatly packed out on the shelf. Looking at it through very tired eyes and a pounding headache, I remembered my wife saying that shower steamer is suppose to revive you…. well I was half dead already, I though let me resurrect myself !

Now I am no pamper man ! I am a basic male with basic needs, I use soap to shave with and hate the feeling of cream between my fingers ! I took the shower steamer out of its bag and apparently you just throw it in a corner of the shower, which i did…

Very quickly the shower filled with a refreshing smell, while this little thing frothed and bubbled in the corner, I continued with my shower routine. As soon as i stepped out of the shower, I realized my headache was gone and I actually did feel like I had some life back !

Now I would never tell any of my buddies this, but I really enjoyed the experience. So I decided that the Shower steamer was not that scary I would give all the products a try.

A few days later I worked up the courage to use the Salt Scrub. The smell is not girly at all,I had no idea how to use this and had to secretly google how to use it, which was actually not rocket science at all.

The salt scrub was really good. The salt scrub not only made my skin feel smoother but also helped with the winter skin I get on the side of my body. The Blue fragrance is really a good clean refreshing smell.

With more confidence i tried the other products.

The epsom salt bar works well, for sore muscles, make sure to use it with a face cloth or sponge, it does not produce a large amount of foam.

The Shaving soap is a must ! Easy to apply with the brush and works very well for shaving.

The Shampoo bar is actually something that every man should have ! Use it like a normal soap, on your hair, and I found that my hair is clean and soft afterwards, have not had to use conditioner at all. PLUS I use it to wash my face after shaving, and have not used aftershave balm since then.

So to all the men out there, I have not turned into a panzy or feel less manly after using the French Lemon products. In fact I would recommend this to everyone, the products are great ! Last quite long and I would highly recommend it !

…. Next Father’s Day I would like the Biltong and Beer together with the French Lemon Products ! I hope my wife reads this !

F.C .