Kara & Vanessa

About Our Founders

This mom and daughter team is unstoppable, they founded the company in 2017 and have made strides in the beauty and soap industry. They both have a love for creating natural & vegan products.

From the very first market in Kyalami, Vanessa and Kara-Leigh knew that they had something special at their fingertips and most importantly, a brand that they were proud to produce and sell. That first market gave the French Lemon the momentum to continue and drive the company forward, and to develop and sell products that customers want to see and buy.
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Our Products


Our vegan products are plant-based and free from harmful chemicals. This makes it more beneficial for your skin. Using it lowers the chances of skin problems such as skin inflammation, rashes, eczemas and allergies. Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals and therefore are 100% cruelty-free.
The French Lemon, Vanessa, Kara-Leigh and of course, Ian continue to thrive on the journey that they are on. Meeting incredible people, keeping the values of the brand alive and every single day, doing what they love with French Lemon.