Eco-friendly, Cruelty Free, Natural & Vegan

Aloe Ferox


Is your skin breaking out? Got too much sun recently? Well, look no further, Aloe Ferox gel is perfect for you. Aloe Ferox (also known at Bitter Aloe) is like Aloe Vera but better, its higher in Aloin and amino acids. It has amazing anti-viral, anti microbial properties and anti-bacterial properties with added lemon essential oil. Perfect for inflamed skin from breakouts, decreases oily skin, reduces pimples, moisturises the skin, reduces wrinkles, soothes irritated skin, smoothes skin and calms sunburnt skin.

Scent: Lemon Essential oil

How to use: Apply to affected area of your skin twice a day. Leave on face for 20-30 mins before washing it off, or alternatively, leave it on your face followed by moisturiser for the night. Use up to 7 days a week in the first month. Second month use 4 times per week.