Eco-friendly, Cruelty Free, Natural & Vegan



Feel as if you are floating on the clouds with this delicious soap. It is moisturizing and silky soft on the skin, making you feel as if you were cleansed and delicately scented in the sky.


Marshmallow — It’s a wonderful evening, you’re out in the bushveld and everyone is relaxing after a long beautiful afternoon and evening of game viewing. After a magnificent meal, you are all sitting around a beautiful dancing fire, in the silence of the night, the stars are bright and endless. Everyone excitedly reminisces over the experiences of the day. The beautiful leopard in the tree, the lion that walked past the vehicle, the elephant that came charging towards you, the incredible size of it and of course the magnificent sunset. Someone offers you a Marshmallow that’s so soft, sweet and powdery. You put it on the end of a long stick and toast it on the fire. Mmmmm it’s soft, melty and sticky now. It dissolves in your mouth, the sweet, tasting soft bit of yummy with a sweet fragrance.


SLS Free, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, scent, essential oil

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