Pumice Donut


Pumice Donut (Half soap, Half ground Pumice). Pumice is volcanic Rock that is produced when lava with high water and gas content is thrown from a volcano. Its a result of the lava cooling and hardening. Pumice is safe to use on the body because it is a natural mineral and is non-toxic.


Lemon Grass & Sugarcane – Lemon, yet orange blossom scent, hint of spiciness similar to ginger, lemon zest, zingy freshness, subtle citrus flavour, herbal, citrus scent. Reminds me of asian, African, Australian tropical, Thailand teasing your senses. The invigorating flavours of lemongrass tea and ginger enhancing your mood and energy levels. You feel cool, calm and collected. The sugarcane blended with the lemongrass adds a fresh, sweet, sugary, touch of earthy aroma to this wonderful soap.

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It can be used to remove grime and dirt as well as to exfoliate the skin. Pumice is also used in its natural rock form to wear down calluses and remove dead skin on the feet and hands.

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Lemon Grass & Sugarcane